Sunday, January 20, 2008

What Made Eddie And Tracy say "wow let's just be friends"

For Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds, there was no middle ground to be found between two weeks and "until death do us part." On Wednesday, the not-yet-legally bound newlyweds stopped just short of confirming a People report that they had decided to part ways after pledging their eternal troth in an extravagant if "symbolic" ceremony in Bora Bora on Jan. 1. So, what prompted Murphy and Edmonds, who began dating in October 2006 and became engaged in July 2007, to nix their planned domestic (and binding) nuptials in favor of remaining, as they put it, "friends"? Access Hollywood Video: What made Eddie and Tracey say 'I don't?' According to the magazine, cracks started forming shortly after they swapped vows beneath a gazebo decorated with 6,000 seashells. "Eddie started yelling at Tracey in front of people," blabs one of the bride's wedding guests. "He did it on a few occasions and it was very embarrassing." In Touch, meanwhile, believes tensions hit critical mass earlier this week when they had a "big blowout." "It was ugly," purports a "pal close to the couple." The insider blames Murphy's "controlling" behavior for the rift, alleging he "insisted" that Edmonds take his name, something she supposedly didn't want to do because she shares the surname with her two sons (with ex-husband Babyface). Hard to believe that it was just one People issue ago that the Scary Spice-ditching star was swooning over how lucky in love he was. "She's not lacking one good thing," he gushed of Edmonds. "She's the whole package." Eddie even admitted to tearing up as she walked down the aisle, a journey she made barefoot and surrounded by tiki torches. Rhapsodized Murphy, "She was so beautiful -- I was crying, and I'm not a crier!" No word on whether Edmonds will keep the 13.69-carat yellow diamond engagement ring that until recently was weighing down her finger.