Friday, December 28, 2007


Something new and good is about to happen for aspiring models this 2008, I have been talking with this international agency and we are in d process of sealing things up. Would feel you in on events when things go through, just keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


We Celebrate Today The Birth Of A Child A Child That Has Become The Saviour Of The World Let's Know The True Meaning Of Christmas And Celebrate In That Line Merry Christmas Everyone And Happy Celebrations!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Foxy Brown Finds God And Loses The Diva + 50 Cent Makes History In Kosovo

Foxy Brown Finds God And Loses The Diva.... Foxy Brown has found God and ditched her diva attitude, the star's lawyer claims. The rapper swapped jewellery for a smart suit during her appearance in a New York court on Monday (17Dec07) - and the Candy hitmaker insisted her spell in jail has humbled her. Foxy - real name Ingrid Marchand - is currently serving a year behind bars for probation violation. A family friend recently claimed she was remorseless and acting the diva in jail - but Foxy showed a different side to her at a Brooklyn courthouse. And her attorney, State Senator John Sampson, claims the rapper has found solace in religion. He told the New York Post after Monday's hearing, "(Foxy) told me, 'Sometimes God has to humble you in order for you to realise who you actually are. "When you get away from the glitz and glamour, you can find inner peace within yourself.". I think so too. 50 Cent has become the biggest star to perform in Kosovo, after playing a sold-out gig in the Eastern European state on Monday night (17Dec07). The rapper made history with his concert in a Pristina soccer stadium, where 25,000 people turned out to see him. Speaking before the show, the tough rap star addressed threats of violence aimed at him as he travels through Eastern Europe, stating he would never consider cancelling a show. He said, "I haven't missed a show date in my career. "I've been to Iraq. I performed for the soldiers. I've been to Israel. I've been to Beirut. They actually bombed the week after I left." And the In Da Club star believes his own troubled background is what attracts fans in Kosovo: "I know exactly what happens when the guns come out. Maybe that's why they (identify) with me." Kosovo has been run by the United Nations since the end of the Eastern European war in 1999. The threat of increased violence is a result of the country's impending declaration of independence from Serbia.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I haven't done any blogging since Friday, I've been quite busy trying to finish a 3-dimensional of a church. The clients have become too unbecoming, can u imagine they called us yesterday evening to say that they have started digging the foundation and have found out that the nave is too short. In the early designs, that nave was just right but before you could 'Jack Robinson' they themselves came and said they wanted something short and gave graphical details only for them to turn around and see things differently in reality. We are going to their site tomorrow morning and we are going to evaluate it there on-site and my dears if need be those guys are going to be Christmas.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Supermodel Iman is getting creative, producing her own collection of jewellery and accessories called Global Chic. She gained inspiration for the pieces from her travels to countries such as Africa, India and Bali. Iman also took ideas from her own personal jewellery collection, including a design based on her vintage engagement ring from husband David Bowie. "Whether I am off to a business meeting, the PTA, a romantic night out with my husband, or at a red carpet, high-voltage event, I rely on stunning jewellery and accessories to give me fashion 'extras' to highlight my looks," Iman said. "It is important to know fashionable accessory trends, but it is more important to know how to properly incorporate them into your world and your lifestyle. You are never fully dressed without them." Global Chic will be launched on US shopping channle HSN tommorrow December 15 and can also be purchased from the programme's website. Let's give a thumbs-up to one of our own, Iman as she adds another feather to her cap. What do you guys think?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jackson 5's New Year comeback

More on Micheal but this time It's on his brothers. The Jackson 5 will make their comeback performance on New Year's Eve with "the biggest party ever seen". The legendary pop siblings - including Michael - will be flown in by helicopter to perform a selection of their greatest hits at Atlanta's Studio 72 Club to celebrate their sister Janet's engagement to music producer Jermaine Dupri. Dupri, who is organising the event, told US radio station V-103: "It's the Jackson 5 party. I swear to you it's going to be the biggest party ever seen. At midnight I'm going to empty the whole club and put everyone in the parking lot and I'm going to light the lot up with a fireworks show." Last month, it was revealed brothers Michael, Jermaine, Marlon, Tito and Jackie would embark on a world tour in 2008. Jermaine said: "Michael will be involved. We want to tour. We want to touch the lives of everybody who's bought our records and supported us." The Jackson 5 enjoyed huge success in the 70s with hits like 'ABC', 'I'll Be There' and 'Blame It On The Boogie'. Their last record was '2300 Jackson Street' in 1989. They have not performed live together since their Victory World Tour in 1984. I wonder how they will sound!!!!!!!

Michael Jackson spotted in dress

Michael Jackson stunned fans when he went shopping - dressed as a woman. The eccentric singer wrapped himself in an abaya - a traditional robe for Muslim women - on a shopping trip in Bahrain, where he has been residing since being acquitted of child sex charges. The star's entire body was hidden by the black outfit, while a veil and sunglasses covered his face as he wandered through the streets with his youngest son, Prince Michael II. The three-year-old tot was also wearing a headscarf covering his face. An onlooker said: "Jackson stood out from everyone because he was wearing sunglasses. He looked ridiculous." Last year, 47-year-old Jackson was allegedly caught in public toilets - applying make-up. The 'Billie Jean' singer was at a Dubai shopping mall when he was spotted powdering his nose in the communal lavatories. Jackson, who was wearing a female Arabic headscarf, was apparently seen applying rouge to his cheeks. What do u guys think, now that the paparazzi has forced a man to behave irrationally.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dress For Your Figure

Coming up with the perfect outfit to match our figure can be difficult at times. Not all women are built alike, so what may look good on someone else may not look good on us, especially when the other woman’s body type is different from us. Also, it is not always good to rely on the fashions displayed by runway models on the catwalk. Let’s face it: designers generally love stick-thin women, and runway models are several sizes smaller than the average woman. But whether we have the body that makes for a walking mannequin or not, there is no rule out there that says that we cannot wear clothes that flatter our figures and remain fashionable. After all, it is us ordinary women that make fashion designers rich. All we have to do is to choose carefully the clothes we wear so that they enhance our assets and play down our liabilities. How should we dress to flatter our figures? It depends on what type of figure we actually have, and there are basically six types of figures. The skinny type. The skinny type is, well, skinny. Skinny women are those whose bodies are thin, angular, and yes, with very little fat in them. What skinny women would want is to create the illusion of curves, and this illusion of curves is achieved by creating bulk through layering clothes – vests over tops or dresses over trousers. Aside from layering, wearing clothes with extra details like ruffles, pleats and gathers also add bulk to the body and make it seem curvier. The top-heavy type. Top-heavy women are women who have bulkier upper bodies and busts that are bigger than their hips. What they would want is to create a balance by playing down the upper body. This can be done by wearing dark tops, or tops that have monochromatic prints, and then pairing them with light-colored pants or skirts. Wearing necklines that give the illusion of length, such as V-necks, will also help tone down the bulky torso. The bottom-heavy type. Bottom-heavy women are those who have hips that are bigger than their upper bodies. Women with these body types ought to draw the attention away from their hips by wearing light-colored tops that enhance the cleavage and pairing them with sober, dark-colored skirts or pants. The eyes can be further drawn to the torso through the use of chunky necklaces, dangling earrings or long chains around the neck. The long and lanky type. Women with long and lanky bodies have more flesh than the skinny ones; they are also generally taller. But they have the same concern: how to create the curves that they do not have. The layered look also works for women with this body type. Wide skirts or pants with wide legs in light colors will also work, but never pair them with tops with a low cut. The petite type. Petite women are those whose bodies are short, lean and thin, but straight. They are small-breasted and do not have waists. These women would need to create the illusion of a waist by wearing a bold belt that greatly contrasts with their tops or their dresses, or full skirts. The curvy type. Women who have curves should feel good no matter what the sizes of those curves are. Curves are beautiful, and they should be enhanced by clothes that skim the body, like wraparound dresses or blouses, or clothes with fabrics that drape the body. Baggy clothes should be avoided because they only add unwanted bulk.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The 53 Places to Go in 2008

LAOS Please post a comment, what do u guys think that no city in Nigeria is listed not even our Tinapa. Vietnam and Cambodia are so 2007. Now, Laos is shaping up to be Indochina's next hot spot. Ancient sites like the Wat Phou temple complex and the capital city of Vientiane are drawing culture seekers. Luxury teak houseboats are cruising down the Mekong. And global nomads are heading to Luang Prabang to sample the Laotian tasting menu at 3 Nagas ( or hang out by the infinity pool at the seriously upscale Résidence Phou Vao ( 2 LISBON Bargain-seeking tourists have long flocked to Lisbon, typically among the most affordable of European cities. But now the Portuguese capital is also emerging as a cultural force. The new Berardo Collection Museum (, in the historic Belem district, boasts a major trove of modern and contemporary art. Designer hotels like Fontana Park ( and Jerónimos 8 ( are attracting style-savvy travelers. And the Design and Fashion Museum, scheduled to open in late 2008, will go a long way toward cementing the city's avant-garde status. 3 TUNISIA Tunisia is undergoing a Morocco-like luxury makeover. A new wave of stylish boutique hotels, often in historic town houses, has cropped up alongside this North African country's white-sand beaches and age-old medinas, drawing increasing numbers of well-heeled travelers. The Villa Didon ( in Carthage, for one, has a restaurant originally run by Alain Ducasse. Indeed, TripAdvisor ranks Jerba, a resort island off Tunisia's southern coast, as the No. 1 emerging spot in 2008. 4. MAURITIUS Flying to the sugar-white shores of Mauritius is about to get easier. Virgin Atlantic just began nonstop flights from London to this tiny coral-ringed island off the coast of Madagascar, and it also recently became a hub port for Indian Ocean excursions by the Italy-based Costa Cruises. Meanwhile, new hotels are opening up, including a Four Seasons resort, Anahita Mauritius (, that features four restaurants, three beaches and an ayurveda spa. 5. MID-BEACH, MIAMI Move over South Beach. The iconic Eden Roc Resort ( and Fontainebleau Miami Beach ( — faded glitterati hangouts designed by Morris Lapidus — will reopen in 2008 after multimillion-dollar renovations, returning Mid-Beach to its former glory. Future neighbors include Gansevoort South, a W Hotel and a Mid-Beach outpost of the members-only Soho House. 6. SOUTH BEACH, MIAMI Not to be outdone, South Beach will also welcome a red carpet of designer hotels: the Angler's Boutique Resort ( by Gianni Versace's former decorator Wallace Tutt; the Tides South Beach (, revamped by the design star Kelly Wearstler; and the Mondrian South Beach ( by the Dutch design superstar Marcel Wanders. Meanwhile, Nicky Hilton's much-hyped dreams of running a hotel has ended up in bankruptcy court — and the auction block. 7. MALDIVES The 2004 tsunami, a fragile ecology and a recent bombing have done little to dampen a hotel boom in this island-nation of about 1,192 coral islets in the Indian Ocean. Among the high-end hotels expected to open next year is a Regent Hotels & Resorts ( with 50 villas, many set over the water, allowing guests to observe the rich marine life while still lying in bed. 8. DEATH VALLEY It's too early to predict, but recent heavy rains have some flower bloggers already speculating about a dazzling spring bloom in Death Valley next year. Death Valley is home to more than 1,000 species of wildflower, and in that special spring after a wet fall and winter, the brown desert landscape is carpeted with Technicolor fields of blossoms. 9. COURCHEVEL The ultra-exclusive French skiing village of Courchevel may be overrun by Russian billionaires these days, but that has only fueled the resort's consumption of Cristal jeroboams and high-ticket hotels. The sumptuous Hotel de Charme Les Airelles ( reopens this month following a $31 million renovation, and, late next year, Le Padisha ups the ante with rustic-chic apartments starting at 1.3 million euros, or $1.95 million at $1.50 to the euro. 10. LIBYA It's on and off (and on again) for Libya. Four years after the United States government lifted a ban on American travel, this socialist North African nation is going green. The eldest son of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, the leader of Libya, is developing a carbon-neutral resort along the country's pristine Mediterranean coastline, home to stellar Greek and Roman ruins and endangered seals. Luxury hotels and golf courses are planned, as well as a new airport in Tripoli. But red tape remains. Tour operators have canceled trips because of visa holdups, and last month planeloads of European tourists were turned away under an odd rule that requires foreign passports to be translated into Arabic. 11. HVAR As Croatia's Dalmatian Coast has become a new Riviera, Hvar has become its St.-Tropez: a tiny village that fills with yachts and international partyers over the summer. While the waterfront Carpe Diem ( remains the island's night-life center, narrow stone alleys are lined with chic cocktail lounges and hotel terraces, including the rooftop pool at the new Adriana hotel, Croatia's first Leading Small Hotels of the World member ( 12. PUERTO VALLARTA Maybe it is the lasting memory of the gay icon Elizabeth Taylor's scandalous affair with Richard Burton during his filming of “Night of the Iguana” in the early 60's, but Puerto Vallarta is becoming gayer by the year and is now poised to overtake Acapulco as Mexico's leading gay beach. There are now some dozen gay-friendly hotels ( and a glut of bars and clubs clustered along the aptly named Zona Romantica. 13. SYLT With a nickname like the “Hamptons of Germany,” it's only a matter of time before jet-setters discover the North Sea island of Sylt. Known for its nudist beaches, reed-thatched houses and designer stores, the T-shaped island has long been popular with German celebrities, particularly television stars and sports figures. But now getting there is a simple hop from London and a dozen other European cities, thanks to the low-cost carrier Air Berlin. 14. PRAGUE The verdict is in. The Next Prague is ... Prague. Stag parties have moved on, bohemians have left for cheaper rents, and youth hostels are being squeezed by luxe hotels. Joining a new Mandarin Oriental next year is the Augustine, converted from a monastery and other buildings into a Rocco Forte hotel (, and the just-refurbished Hilton Prague Old Town (, with a buzzing restaurant opened by Gordon Ramsay. 15. QUITO If you've been to Quito, Ecuador, there's a good chance you were heading to the Galápagos. But Quito, the colonial capital perched 9,200 feet up in the Andes, is no longer just a whistle stop. The city's crumbling historic center, one of Latin America's least altered, has been reborn after a seven-year, $200 million renovation. And a crop of upscale hotels has arrived, including a JW Marriott (, making Quito a glorious new center in the so-called Middle of the World. 16. LIVERPOOL There's more to Liverpool than just the Beatles. Next year, this industrial city celebrates its 800th birthday (and its designation as European Capital of Culture), as it trots out everything and everyone, from Turner Prize artists to young emerging bands like the Zutons. But make no mistake: The headliner is Paul McCartney, who is returning to play the “Liverpool Sound” concert at Anfield Stadium on June 1 ( 17. MUNICH Wi-Fi beer gardens, lederhosen-wearing hipsters, hybrid Mercedes-Benz taxis. No wonder Monocle magazine recently named Munich the world's most livable city. The Bavarian capital might get shortchanged when compared with Berlin in terms of liberalism and creativity, but Munich has a robust economy that stimulates high fashion, cutting-edge cuisine and cushy living — not to mention a new Jewish Museum (, 79 years in the making, and a posh new hotel in the heart of the city, the Charles, from hotelier Rocco Forte ( 18. IRAN What Axis of Evil? Upscale tour operators are tiptoeing into Iran next year, offering trips that explore the ancient country's Persian treasures and olive-green desert plains. Next spring, the luxury cruise liner Silversea will make stops in the Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas on its Dubai to Dubai cruise. And California-based Distant Horizons ( is organizing two 18-day trips that start in Tehran and then weave through the once-forbidden countryside, including stops in Shiraz and Isfahan. Prices start at $5,390 per person. 19. TUSCANY All those rolling fields of green. The cypress-lined fairways. It's surprising that there aren't more golf links in Tuscany. For better or worse, a new course has just opened for guests at the Terme di Saturnia resort ( ) in southern Tuscany. The nine-hole course covers 247 acres surrounded by wheat, sunflowers, oats and olive groves — that is, until the next nine holes go in. 20. ANGUILLA Just when you thought the Caribbean island of Anguilla couldn't get any fancier, the Kor Hotel Group is opening the Viceroy Anguilla — the latest offshoot of its Viceroy brand ( — in the spring. The hotel will have 172 luxury accommodations, a 15,000-square-foot spa and beach clubs set along 3,200 feet of private waterfront. 21. BOGOTÁ Bogotá might be remembered for its death squads and gang violence, but this Colombian megalopolis — the fourth-largest city in South America — is cleaning up its act and drawing tourists with its cultural diversity and colonial charms. A new Hilton hotel is being built, and three U.S.-based airlines — JetBlue, US Airways and Spirit Airlines — recently applied for the chance to offer direct flights into Bogotá. 22. PLAYA BLANCA, PANAMA Playa Blanca is about to hit the tabloids. Nikki Beach, the très chic beach club in South Beach and St.-Tropez, is opening a gated resort in the once-quiet fishing village on the Pacific coast of Panama ( The developers are already calling it the “sexiest project in Panama.” Less fabulous families need not worry. Superclubs (, the all-inclusive resort, is also dipping its toes into Playa Blanca with the 300-room Breezes Panama, scheduled to open in 2009. 23. ALEXANDRIA The former home of Cleopatra is rising. Alexandria was among the ancient world's greatest cities, but it had fallen into oblivion. Now a string of new monuments is bringing the so-called Pearl of the Mediterranean back. A gleaming $200 million library, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (, resurrects the ancient library in steel and glass. A new Four Seasons ( stands in the stately Stan Stefano plaza. And throughout town, the city pulses with new shops and upscale cafes. 24. MAZATLÁN A faded spring-break haven on Mexico's Pacific coast, Mazatlán has been drawing American retirees and second-home buyers to its less-crowded beaches and cheap real estate. Few tourists show up, partly because there are few hotels. That's changing. A half-dozen resorts are now in the works, including Diamond Beach, a $1.2 billion development with high-rise hotels, a golf course and condominiums. 25. ST. LUCIA St. Lucia's upscale progress marches on. After the arrival of eco-hedonistic resorts like Jade Mountain and Discovery at Marigot Bay (which just launched a solar-powered ferry), big-name resorts with $1,000 rooms are on the way. Scheduled to open next year are the Residences at Ritz-Carlton (, the Westin's Le Paradis ( and the RockResorts' the Landings St. Lucia ( There's even a private jet terminal in the works. 26. OSLO In addition to being one of the world's most expensive cities , Oslo is burnishing its reputation as a design and architecture center. Next April, the futuristic National Opera House ( will open at the head of the Oslofjord, sheathed in white marble. It will be joined by two new design hotels: Thon Hotel Gyldenlove ( ) and Grims Grenka Hotel ( 27. BUENOS AIRES Marketed as the first five-star gay hotel in Latin America (but also “heterofriendly”), the new Axel Hotel Buenos Aires ( confirmed what many gay travelers already knew: the Argentine capital is becoming South America's next party capital. Situated in the bohemian-chic neighborhood of San Telmo, the 48-room hotel features Eames furnishings, a gymnasium and a poolside bar. 28. RIMINI, ITALY Rimini's nine-mile stretch of sand along the Adriatic Coast once attracted holiday crowds. But the birthplace of Fellini has been reborn as Italy's bling party capital, drawing style-conscious Romans to its raging club scene, cool boîtes and designer hotels, most notably the new DuoMo hotel ( designed by Ron Arad. 29. MALAWI Blame Madonna. Safarigoers tended to overlook Malawi, but that has changed since she began her effort to adopt a 1-year-old boy from this tiny African country that lies within the Great Rift Valley. Next July, the luxury lodge Pumulani ( is set to open 10 villas on spectacular Lake Malawi, home to rare cichlids and pied kingfishers. 30. ROATÁN The sleepy Honduran island of Roatán, known for scuba diving and fishing, is waking up with big plans, with both Royal Caribbean and Carnival building new cruise terminals there, and the Westin Resort & Spa Roatan scheduled to open in mid-2008. 31. MOZAMBIQUE Since gaining independence in 1975, Mozambique has moved from a war-torn society to one of Africa's economic success stories. Now its 1,500 miles of pristine coastline is being fashioned into a “fair trade” tourist destination. High-end lodges with low-environmental impact are being built along the Bazaruto Archipelago, home to endangered sea cows, staghorn coral and mangrove forests. Farther north, the Guludo Beach Lodge ( offers nine luxurious tented bandas along the beach, with proceeds going back to the local village. 32. KUWAIT CITY Yes, there's a war next door. But that's not preventing Kuwait City, a bustling metropolis on the Persian Gulf, from welcoming new air service (direct United flights from Dulles Airport near Washington start this month), playing host to international boat shows, or opening a slate of opulent hotels. The most talked-about is the Hotel Missoni, the first of several for the fashion house. Designed by the Italian architect Matteo Thun, it is to open next year. 33. VERBIER The Swiss ski village of Verbier will get decidedly more upper class when the Lodge (, the newest addition to Richard Branson's globe-trotting playgrounds, opens at the Alpine resort next month. The nine-bedroom chalet features a mini-ice rink, indoor pool and 24-hour driver — all for as little as £35,250 a week, well over $70,000. 34. LOMBOK Lombok, a low-key Indonesian island east of Bali, is coming out of the shadows. With Bali oversaturated with villas and designer restaurants, tourists are hopping on short flights to find less-crowded beaches, a bigger volcano and better surfing. It's also cheaper — not that visitors are slumming it. There's already an Oberoi (, and other high-end hotels are on the way. 35. NORTHWEST PASSAGE Notwithstanding last month's sinking of an Antarctic cruise ship, climate tourism is heating up. And few places are warming up faster than the Northwest Passage, the Arctic sea route over Canada. Adventure Life Voyages (, for one, is already booking cruises for its Northwest Passage tour next August, with prices from $4,600 a person. 36. EASTER ISLAND Remote Easter Island, famous for its enigmatic Moai statues, is getting its first luxury resort: Explora en Rapa Nui ( The 30-room resort combines futuristic pod-like design with natural materials like native volcanic rock and Chilean raulí wood, and offers seamless views of the middle of the Pacific Ocean. A three-night stay for two people starts at $3,588. 37. VIRGIN GORDA Virgin Gorda, one of the lesser-known British Virgin Islands, is raising its profile. The Aquamare ( is set to open in March with three villas measuring 8,000 square feet, with in-villa spa treatments, observation decks and weekly rates starting at $12,500. 38. NAMIBIA In the 17 years since Namibia gained independence from South Africa, this desert country on the West African coast carved out an early eco-tourist niche, with government-run campsites like Namutoni ( in the Etosha National Park. Now the country is going eco-deluxe. (Might it have something to do with Brangelina?) Many lodges have just been refurbished with stylish décor and matching rates. And the private sector is following suit; Kempinski Hotels is planning five luxury hotels to open in the next few years. 39. SAN FRANCISCO When the California Academy of Sciences ( opens next fall in Golden Gate Park, it won't just be a stunning architectural addition to San Francisco. The $500 million building, designed by the Pritzker Prize winner Renzo Piano, will feature a 2.5-acre living roof covered with native plants and aims to be the greenest museum in the world. 40. DETROIT Historically crime-ridden Detroit may not spring to mind as a hot tourist spot, but don't tell that to the city's bullish hoteliers. Newcomers include the MGM Grand Detroit (, the MotorCity Casino Hotel ( in an old Wonder Bread factory and the historic Book Cadillac Hotel, being transformed into a Westin ( Plus, the Detroit Institute of Arts ( just reopened after a $158 million renovation. 41. ITACARÉ, BRAZIL It ended up on several “it” lists before a single guest arrived. But the Warapuru (, a lavish eco-resort, is expected to finally open next year. Designed by the London-based Anouska Hempel, the resort has brought attention to Itacaré, an under-the-radar beach town on Brazil's north coast that draws celebrities and the elite of Rio de Janeiro. 42. KILIMANJARO Time may be running out to see the most famous snows of American literature. The ice-capped peak of Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain, is melting at an alarming rate. Within several decades, scientists predict, the glaciers will have completely disappeared. Expect more adventure seekers to tackle the climb next year: One outfitter, International Mountain Guides (, has seven trips scheduled for 2008. (Prices run $4,975 for the full two-week itinerary and $3,600 for the climb-only portion.) 43. ALGERIA A nearly decade-long civil war made Algeria off limits to travelers. Now that the war has subsided (though a United States travel warning, citing terrorist attacks, remains) travelers are trickling back to this ancient land of oasis towns and cart-wide streets. Lonely Planet just published its first guide to Algeria. And tour organizers like Row International ( are taking adventure seekers through the meandering alleyways of the Casbah and on camelback into the Sahara. 44. SAN DIEGO Wildfires this fall didn't prevent the opening of the much-anticipated Hard Rock Hotel San Diego (, a 420-room resort in the trendy Gaslamp quarter. The 12-story hotel includes a Nobu restaurant, two Rande Gerber bars, a spa and a Pinkberry frozen yogurt shop — all under one roof. Greasing the wheels is Virgin America, which is starting service between San Diego and San Francisco in February. 45. MÁLAGA The southern coast of Spain is not just about high-rise hotels and water-gulping golf courses. Next June, Delta Air Lines plans to inaugurate nonstop service to the Andalusian port city of Málaga — a major cultural center, with its impressive array of museums and monuments, including an 11th-century Moorish fortress. Delta will fly from Kennedy Airport to Málaga's international airport, named after the city's favorite son Pablo Picasso. 46. PUERTO PLATA Puerto Plata, the rowdy beach resort on the Dominican Republic's north coast, is about to get rowdier. Maxim, the racy men's magazine, is opening a 108-bungalow resort on Cofresi Beach, near the Las Vegas-style Ocean World Marina and Casino. Expect the drinking to start onboard JetBlue, which is offering nonstop flights between Kennedy Airport and Puerto Plata next month. 47. LONDON King's Cross in London was once on the wrong side of tracks. But the district's fortunes are changing, thanks to the trans-Chunnel Eurostar, which moved its terminal last month from Waterloo to the reconstructed St. Pancras station. A Gagosian Gallery is there, along with cool bars and supertrendy restaurants like Acorn House (, which has local foodies in a tizzy. Next up? A Renaissance Hotel with a ballroom. 48. VIETNAM Three decades after the fall of Saigon, the city (now known as Ho Chi Minh City) has become an unlikely stop on the global golf circuit. In the past decade, old courses like the Dalat Palace Golf Club have been spruced up, and newer ones, like the Ocean Dunes Golf Club in nearby Phan Thiet, on the South China Sea, and designed by Nick Faldo, have raised the bar. Still to come: the Montgomerie Links, just off China Beach, and the first Vietnam course designed by Colin Montgomerie. 49. ESSAOUIRA As Marrakesh gets more touristy, well-heeled Europeans are heading to the Moroccan port city of Essaouira, not only to trek through its ancient streets and windsurf on its beaches, but also to party. The Gnaoua and World Music Festival (, held every June for the past 10 years, now draws 250,000 fans for five days of music, art and budding friendships — a kind of Burning Man of Morocco. 50. LAS VEGAS In case you missed those big gold letters, Donald T-R-U-M-P is coming to the Las Vegas Strip. The 64-story, 1,282-room Trump International Hotel and Towers Las Vegas ( is opening next spring, becoming, its Web site promises, the “most striking building on the Las Vegas Skyline.” If you're merely looking for “unparalleled luxury, sophistication, and contemporary chic,” then head to the new Palazzo Las Vegas (, a 3,000-room sister to the Venetian, with restaurants by Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse and Charlie Trotter, as well as a Barneys New York. 51. BAROSSA VALLEY, AUSTRALIA The world's love affair with shiraz is bringing wine spectators to Australia's Barossa Valley. The hilly region is home to some of the world's oldest shiraz vines, some dating back to the 1840s. And if the more than 60 wineries aren't enough, Barossa also offers an artisanal cheese trail, and nearby Adelaide is a foodie destination in its own right. 52. TOKAJ, HUNGARY Backpacking wine tours? The Hungarian wine region of Tokaj is regaining its reputation for quality whites, especially wheat-colored dessert wines made from furmint grapes. The region's winemaking was reborn after the fall of Communism. The Grof Degenfeld, housed in an old castle, even has a plush hotel that offers two-day packages starting at 191 euros, or $283 at $1.50 to the euro ( 53. NEW YORK The lights are back on Broadway. And the strike settlement couldn't have come soon enough for several well-publicized productions scheduled to open before the May 7 deadline for the 2007-08 Tony Awards. Among the more highly awaited shows are three revivals: A 40th-anniversary production of “The Homecoming,” Harold Pinter's play about a dysfunctional family (as if there were any other kind), starring Ian McShane; “Come Back, Little Sheba,” the William Inge chestnut, featuring the Emmy Award-winning actress S. Epatha Merkerson; and an inventive take on “Sunday in the Park With George,” Stephen Sondheim's Pulitzer Prize winner, which comes to New York via London and the Menier Chocolate Factory theater company. And for lovers of street theater, the action downtown in the meatpacking district continues to heat up with the arrival of the Standard New York hotel.

Working fulltime and trying to raise a family does not leave much energy or time to worry about one’s makeup. For professional females, getting dolled up for work and play may have become a thing of the past long ago. BEAUTY TIPS With just a few spare moments, though, quick and easy beauty tricks can refresh a woman’s look instantly. For those playing double (or triple) roles as corporate professional and wife and/or mother, applying makeup before starting the day may be the last thing on their minds. Check out the following tips for a new beauty regimen in less than five minutes! BLEMISHES AND DARK SPOTS Even if you do not have enough time for anything else, use a concealer stick, cover-up or powder makeup to mask blemishes and dark circles under your eyes. Concealing unsightly marks on one’s face should take about one to two minutes if only treating specific problem areas. Visine eye drops may be applied to reduce redness of blemishes before applying concealer. EYES A single coat of mascara will only take about one moment per eye, giving just enough definition to lashes, bringing out your eyes. A soft dusting of eye shadow in a complementary shade to one’s choice of apparel will further enhance the eyes. Putting on eye color should take no more than a few seconds, though mascara alone is a good substitute if time does not permit eye shadow application. LIPS For a soft, kissable look, slap some flavored or tinted lip-gloss on your lips. Lipstick or lip stain will draw more attention to your lips than lip-gloss, but either product will make a difference in the way you look and feel. HAIR Invest in a few hairpins, clips and decorative sticks. Some types of hair accessories allow women to twist their hair up and pin it back, all in about 30 seconds. Spray gel or non-sticky hairspray may also come in handy in order to preserve the style and to secure fly-aways. Finally, splash on some body spray or perfume and get ready to head out the door. By sparing only five to seven minutes in the morning, your new quick and easy makeup plan can be modified to fit your own beauty sense while giving you a simple foundation to effortless beautification.

A peep into what the ARTICLE holds for you

No debutant has enjoyed this much fame, this much fortune, this much acceptance. And Innocent Idibia should hold his head high, pray that he plants his feet firmly on the ground, pursue his craft religiously because he's one lucky and blessed fella. 2Face's album has brought him everything from awards to recognition he could never have dreamt about. His life has been transformed forever (if he walks on the long and narrow path). You think about just African Queen. That song touches your soul, as if rendered by an angel. The singer with the mesmerizing voice who has the looks of Hollywood hunks, whenever he remembers his struggling days, can only smile... To get more gist on this topic, buy the latest Encomium in the market. You'll surely love it.


The following was culled out of Encomium Magazine's website, enjoy!!!! 2Face Adams Oshiomhole Adamu Muazu Adedayo, Ayeni & Kamson Akintola Williams Aliko Dangote Alli Baba Anthony Enahoro Atiku Abubakar Betty Irabor Bimbo Alashe Cecilia Ibru Charles Soludo Chimamanda Adichie Chinua Achebe Chris Okotie Chris Oyakhilome Dapo Ashiru Dele Olojede Deola Sagoe Donald Duke Dora Akunyili Emeka Ojukwu Enoch Adejare Adeboye Fatai Rolling Dollar Femi Otedola Festus Odimegwu Fidelis Oditah Florence Ita-Giwa Francis Cardinal Arinze Gani Fawehinmi Gbenga Daniel Jim Ovia Jimoh Ibrahim John Momoh Ken Calebs Olumese Mike Adenuga, Jnr. Mike Awoyinfa Nazir el-Rufai Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke Nduka Obaigbena Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Nuhu Ribadu Oby Ezekwesili Olusegun Obasanjo Pat Utomi Samson Siasia Sunny Ade Tony Elumelu Wole Soyinka Yemi Osinbajo

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I CAPPED ANOTHER 365 DAYS TODAY, the 8th of December TO MY BUDDING YEARS ON EARTH. ISN'T IT WONDERFUL TO BE OLDER? WELL IT FEELS GREAT AND I THANK GOD FOR HIS GOODNESS. Wishing ME a Fantabulous day and a beautiful year of fulfilled promises and dreams HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME

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Hi GUYS, Thanks for dropping by and viewing the blog at least but I need to know what direction to take with you my viewers; where to add more and where to reduce. The blog is all about you and not you, so leave a comment let me know where to add up, thanks.

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Microsoft Imagine Cup - 9 Different Categories

Microsoft has announced the launch of its 6th annual worldwide Imagine Cup competition with a total prize fund of USD 200,000. This year’s theme is “Imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment”. The Imagine Cup now incorporates nine categories, consisting of Software Design, Embedded Development, Game Development, Project Hoshimi: Programming Battle, IT Challenge, Algorithm, Photography, Short Film and Interface Design. The competition is open to all college or university students in part-time or full-time education. Last year, more then 100,000 students from over 100 countries participated in the event. Deadline dates all vary on the category, but all must be received before the end of June 2008. Visit site:


Space Fashion Design Competition Launches with prizes valued at more than $10,000.00! Intended to increase public participation in space tourism by both students and professionals, the DestinySpace Fashion Design Competition will also promote awareness of personal space travel and space education opportunities through design contests. Based on lessons learned from the 2006 Japan space fashion show, we are pleased to announce the first space fashion design contest in the United States. This event is supported by the recently formed Space Fashion Organization and is being sponsored by Rocketplane Global. Officially launching at this years California Space Authorities Space Style 2007 event, this competition is an opportunity for the public to influence the clothing worn by future space travelers, and lay the ground work for enhanced technological developments in the design and manufacture of Space Couture. In the next five to ten years we expect to have routine space transport vehicles and even space hotels where clients will spend four to eight weeks in orbital bliss. The expectations are that there will be hundreds and perhaps even thousands of commercial passengers each year. These Passengers will desire special clothing designed to provide protection against the environment while providing warmth and relaxation aboard the new generation of space vehicles. In general, the criteria for the winning design will incorporate clothing which is light weight, maneuverable, strong, and pleasing to the eye. Judging criteria will include originality, practicality, technology, and workmanship. DestinySpace Enterprises, a Houston, Texas based company is also sponsoring a children’s design competition for space-themed artwork which will be featured on printed T-shirts. The top ten designs will be added to the DestinySpace online catalog. Proceeds from this event will be used to help support programs within the commercial space industry such as the Space Frontier Foundations’ Teachers in Space Program. Applicants must complete the entry form by 18 January 2008. For more details about the contest and how you can participate log onto

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A Question that has been bothering Me

What is New in Nollywood ?


Very often even good models could not succeed because they can't sell themselves to clients. When you go for audition (GO AND SEE) to fashion house or to any clients it will be very professional and smart to learn the style of this client's product and try to dress in that style.

YOU MUST HAVE 100 PERCENT CONFIDENCE, THAT YOU CAN PERFECTLY PERFORM FORTHCOMING WORK! AND YOU SHOULD TRANSFER YOUR CONFIDENCE TO THE CLIENT! Learn how to do that! Always remember: You sell a product! Show the high quality of this product!

Learn to wear any outfit. Otherwise it will be difficult to sell yourself. If you want to greatly increase your chances to be chosen by this company you have to help them to chose you.

Leave all your problems or private matters outside. Clients absolutely don't care about your problems. The only one thing they care: To sell the product! That is why they pay to models. Nothing must affect your ability to do your job the best possible way!

Always arrive at the time. Be nice!! The client, your agency, the photographers, the stylists and all people around always remembering. You need to be remembered for being a pleasure to work with.

Never say something bad about collection or product you are working for. With anybody, including other models, even if you think that person is a friend. If somebody asking your opinion, even if you think that collection or product is awful - your answer always must be: I like it! Otherwise the client can find out in a few minutes your negative comment and it definitely will cost you all future jobs with this client.

Never say something bad about your agent. He will know about your words very soon.

Be careful with other models. Do not forget that they are your competitors and can benefit from your mistakes.

Do not give up after rejections. You can be rejected more times than you can count. Remember, rejections are an integral part of the modeling business. Never let rejection divert you from finding your special place in the industry. In this business you never know when your career boost is going to happen.

One person you never suppose to cheat or lie is you! Never blame somebody except yourself in your problems. If you will blame everybody around in your problems, as many models do, you will continue to make the same mistakes again and again until your career will be absolutely ruined! Always try to analyze and ask yourself: Why I did not get this job? Or why this client does not want to work with me anymore? What did I wrong? And if you can find the right answers you will escape the same mistakes in a future. The same thing if everything is going fine. It will be a great benefit for your career if you will know exactly what makes it fine. Follow this rule and you'll make your career more successful!

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Miss Angola, Africa's Winner of Miss World

My adjudged Winner of the just concluded Miss World Beauty Pageant remains Micaela representing Angola; for some reasons best known to the star studded international judges she became the 1st runner-up of the competition. Born in Portugal and grew up in Lisbon and Angola, Micaela loves both countries and now lives in the rapidly-growing city of Luanda. She has just finished high school and hopes after her year as Miss Angola to study law at Harvard, qualify as a lawyer, and aspires to be a Judge.

As Miss Angola she is an “ambassador of hope” for people whose lives have been affected by HIV. She is a keen sportswoman and enjoys tennis and volleyball. Micaela’s favourite dishes include salad, pasta and sauces. Her hobbies include dancing, writing and surfing the Internet. Her motto is “Enjoy life, life is fast!”

Micaela, a very beautiful and confident young woman represented Africa well and did us all proud. I am proud of her and so should you.

What do you girls/guys think, your comments would be highly appreciated.


China PR has won the highly coveted title of Miss World 2007 in a glittering, star-studded ceremony at the Beauty Crown Theatre in Sanya, Hainan Province, China.

The 2007 Miss World Festival has seen 106 beautiful and talented contestants spend an unforgettable month in China, but there could only be one winner and the applause rang out in the packed theatre as Julia Morley, Chairman of the Miss World Organisation and of the international panel of judges, announced the winner’s name.

Her smile shone out to a worldwide TV audience of over 2 billion as she was crowned by last year’s Miss World, Tatana Kucharova.

First runner-up was Angola, followed by Mexico as second runner-up. The other two finalists were Trinidad & Tobago and Sweden. An impressive cast of international stars and music artists ensured that the 57th Miss World Final was a dazzling event. The TV spectacular was hosted by top Chinese TV presenter Angela Chow, presenting Miss World for the fifth year in succession, alongside co-host Fernando Allende, who is one of Latin America’s biggest stars and was making his Miss World debut.

The show told the story of the contestants’ stay in the tropical paradise of Sanya, with many clips of their activities and sightseeing, as well as their exciting trip to Beijing where they recorded the Olympic Torch Relay Anthem, visited the Great Wall and helped the Red Cross raise over US$5.5m to build new healthcare centres across China.

It also featured a stunning performance by international pop star Duncan James, formerly with the boy band Blue, singing ‘All I care about is love’ from the hit musical Chicago, and spectacular dancing and acrobatics from some of China’s most talented dance troupes.

One of the highlights came when Mandla Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela, introduced his grandfather’s televised message for World Aids Day. This was followed by a magical moment, when the children from the Mandelas’ home town in South Africa joined with children from a local Hainan school and all 106 contestants to sing the World Aids Day song.

Miss World – The Final is the World’s largest live annual TV event with global viewing figures topping two billion across 174 countries.

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Young Stevie Wonder 57 is back on the road for his first extended tour in over a decade. After nearly 40 years of providing his fans with an amazing range of music including pop, soul, funk, reggae and more, he is back on center stage with his daughter Aisha Morris, who is providing backup singing for her father.

Wonder’s latest album was “A Time to Love,” a set that finally hit stores in 2005 after several delays.

In recent years, Wonder has frequently appeared at charity events and played one-off concerts. However, he hasn’t toured the U.S. since he embarked on a month long outing in 1995.

The singer’s current show features an 11 piece band and a mix of Stevie’s hit songs. The singer performed in Charlotte earlier this week to an appreciative audience. A concert reviewer indicated that his voice is still in incredible shape.

Wonder, blind at infancy, signed on with Motown Records at age 12. He has recorded more than 30 top hits, has won 25 Grammy’s, won an Academy Award for Best Song and also won a Lifetime Achievement award and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll and Songwriters halls of fame. He has sold over 100 million albums.

So what has inspired Stevie to do another tour? His mother passed away last year and the singer says that it is her spirit that has led him back to the stage. Tonight the tour continues in Sommet Center - Nashville, TN. Remaining tour stops can be found here.


Today is World's AIDS day, and to remember victims of this dreaded disease Ludacris visits a Community Outreach Project for Aids Awareness at the Alex Community Hall on November 29, 2007 in Alexander Township - Gauteng, South Africa.

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More Advanced Modeling Types


High Fashion Modeling is the modeling for famous fashion houses and designer, either at fashion shows or in publications. The pay rate is the highest among all modeling jobs. Of course, the advertisers' expectations also run high. To get this kind of job you must be experienced and known model with a proven track record for this type of modeling.

RUNWAY MODELING Runway Models works in Fashion Shows, where clothes designers present their upcoming designs or Fashion Shows, run by a store, mall, club etc. All runway models must meet special requirements and have measurements that fit an actual standard clothing size. Almost all modeling agencies works with Runway Models.

EDITORIAL MODELING Editorial Modeling is similar to High Fashion Modeling, except that the model works for a particular publication. The readers of that publication make up a target audience for the photographs taken. Images in the non-advertisement sections of the fashion magazines are good examples of this type of modeling. Even the pay rate is considerably low, Editorial modeling is a great way to open the door to High Fashion Modeling.

GLAMOUR MODELING There are no established physical requirements for Glamour Models, other than the model must be beautiful and sexy in the photographs. An elegant lady in an evening dress, the eye-catching face of a beautiful girl, a shapely woman in casual dress, swim-wear, or lingerie can all become subjects for glamour photography. Most of the nude photography also falls into this category. Pay rates can be very good for Glamour Modeling. Usually, the pay rate doubles for posing in lingerie or in the nude. Some Figure and Art Modeling, typically artistic nude photography, is also included in the Glamour Modeling category.

CATALOGUE MODELING While some Catalogue Modeling involves posing with products, most is done wearing store-brand clothes. Pay rates are considerably lower than for High Fashion Modeling. Look through some mail-order catalogs to get an idea of what is involved. Several years ago it was absolutely impossible to see the Top Models in any catalogue. But everything is changing. Even famous models are modeling for catalogues now.

SPECIALTY MODELING There are numerous other Specialty Modeling opportunities. Models (male and female) with beautiful hands have opportunities to display their hands demonstrating different products. For men, it could be masculine hand, or alternatively the more elegant, long-fingered hand. Women with well-proportioned feet are needed for shoe advertisements. Advertisements of stockings, pantyhose, and razors require women with nicely shaped legs. Hair products call for female and male models with good hair. Portfolio must include a few photographs that emphasize areas of your body you might use for Specialty Modeling.

CHARACTER MODELING Some jobs require models with an everyday look, such as a truck driver, mechanic, grocery clerk, schoolteacher, cleaning person, appliance repair person, and so on. All models in television commercials are character models.

CONVENTION AND TRADE SHOW MODELING These shows use many female models to demonstrate products, hand out leaflets or brochures, and answer questions.

COMMERCIAL PRINT MODELING When models are photographed to promote a product. Photographs can appear on buses, magazines, newspapers and billboards.

MODELING IN TV COMMERCIALS TV Commercials offer a growing area of opportunities to models with some acting background. Many modeling agencies now include a TV Commercial Department.

OTHER OPPORTUNITIES FOR MODELS There are opportunities for the oversized or undersized model. The demand for ordinary-looking models with whom a majority of the audience can identify continues to increase. The market for full-figure models is growing and includes editorial, commercials, television and more. Many other opportunities exist that might fall into one of the modeling categories mentioned above.

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On Location Bag Recommendations

For Women

  • Bras - skin-coloured, white and black Panties - skin-coloured, white and black
  • Body stocking - to match your skin tone Tank Tops Pick Primary colors and bring a couple.
  • Tights - black and skin-coloured
  • Hair and make-up bags
  • Nail care bag - emery boards, clippers, buffer, polish
  • Hygiene necessities - tampons, deodorants, razors
  • Your wardrobe should include jeans, T-shirts and two basic outfits - casual and formal.
  • Take along saris with matching blouses and petticoats since they are requested for frequently.Pastel shades work best.
  • Accessories - scarves, headbands, hats, gloves, sunglasses, prop spectacles, belts and jewellery
  • Shoes - Bring a black pair and a bone-white pair of shoes. Sandles are also a good idea if the shoot is outdoors.

For Men

  • Underwear - white and skin-coloured briefs with athletic support
  • Socks - various colours and styles
  • Shoes - white trainers, classic black shoes
  • Trousers - various colours and seasonal fabrics
  • Jeans - classic blue and black
  • Make-up - foundation and powder to match your skin tone
  • Hair products - spray, gel, brush, comb, etc.
  • Hygiene necessities - deodorant, eye drops, contact lens solution, razors, etc.
  • Shoes - trainers, black and brown dress shoes, black and brown casual shoes, cowboy boots and sandals
  • Shirts - dress shirts, sports shirts, casual shirts in a variety of colours
  • Trousers - various colours and fabrics, including denim Swimwear - boxer-style shorts and self-coloured briefs Accessories - prop spectacles, watch, gold band, etc

Finding Work as a Photography Model

Create an Impressive Model Portfolio. You may be the hottest model in town. But you still need to have professional photographs Nothing will turn off prospective employers faster than posting amateur photos in your portfolio. Photos should be well lit and show detail about your look. If your goal is nude photography, you will need to keep the images artistic. As a general rule, photos that leave something to the imagination are the most effective and compelling. You should always include at least three to five photos in your portfolio showing different looks. It is well worth paying a photographer to create a professional portfolio of pictures. To choose the right photographer, get references and look at his/her previous work. Are the pictures good enough to be found in a magazine. On a budget, try doing a modeling for prints deal with an upstart photographer. Have ideas of what you want and get everything in writing before the shoot. Including releases. Giving the photographer samples makes it easier for both of you. The better the photos in your portfolio, the more offers you are likely to receive.

Create a Special Look. Make-up, posing, lighting and fashionable clothing can go a long way in helping you create a special “look” for yourself. You can learn various make-up techniques, such as the proper use of concealers to cover up bags or unwanted blemishes, by perusing women’s magazines or by hiring a professional make-up artist to help you look your best for your portfolio. Also, don’t show up for an interview or your portfolio shoot in clothes that are too casual or that represent a style that is outdated. Keep tabs on current styles and capitalize on your strengths. If possible, hire a stylist who is familiar with your needs.

Consider All Modeling Jobs. Modeling is a diverse field. Other jobs that put you in front of the camera or people will help build your confidence and give you more references. It can be as simple as handing out promotional materials at a convention or tradeshow.

Runway Tips. There is an art to posing gracefully on the catwalk. Stand up straight and always look out towards the audience—don’t look down. Keep your hands in a natural position. It helps to practice your runway walk in front of a mirror to develop your own carefree style. Watch runway models in action and practice, practice, practice.

Practice Etiquette and Be Professional. When you’re offered a modeling job, pay close attention to the instructions you are given. Write them down and repeat them if you have any doubts. Always be pleasant and courteous to every staff member—photographers, make-up artists, etc. These people do talk to each other and people outside the particular agency. Always be a little early to your photo shoots. DO NOT PARTY UNTIL THE JOB IS DONE. Send a nice thank you card to the company after the shoot.

Modeling Terms


creates advertising campaigns for clients, selects models.


artist who creates layout for ads, illustrates model's poses.


the actual physical movements by actors in any scene.


enlargement photo from a negative or slide.


person at agency who sets appointments for models.


when you tell your agency that you are unavailable to work for certain day(s).


advance payment for future use of a print ad or a commercial for a specific period of time.


choosing models/actors for a specific job


posing for mail order items for major retailers.


several agencies send many models of the same general type to a casting session.


script used to describe clothes for a fashion show.


promotional advertisement on TV, radio or other media.


a percentage of model's fee required as payment to agency.


card with 3­5 photos of model and their details to promote and distribute to prospective clients.


ad agency employee who determines the model type.

  • FADS

an overdone fashion; passing craze.


puts fashion shows outfits together in retail stores.


modelling the original sample garment to test for sizing ­ clients chose a model whose measurements match the sample size exactly.


invited audience, stage, music; models walk down runway to show designer clothing.


modelling for many clients without agency representation.


head to toe photograph.


agency sheet, poster, or book of models they represent that goes to prospective clients.


extreme, chic, sophisticated model type.


poses for artists.


in stores or restaurants, walk around, no runway


Position of model and garment in a fashion show.


assignment site outside the studio.


4­6 times per year when seasonal clothing lines are shown to buyers.


a large tote in which you carry all your makeup and working essentials.


contract in which the model gives permission to use the photo as the client specifies.


represents model for employment and receives a percentage of the bookings.


a scene performed by one person for a client, that reflects a particular mood and demonstrates your acting talent.


casting when the client sees all models suitable for the type requested.


casebook which show the model at his/her photogenic best and samples of their work (tearsheets).


photography taken for catalogue and mail order, books, brochures, ads for magazines or newspapers, magazine covers, commercial photography for household products, business products and services, glamour products.


intermediate stage of photo development from which you can chose best poses.


creating an image of a product or service in the eyes of the public, mainly through newspaper articles.


additional money paid when a piece runs in repeat.


calling on prospective clients for photography and television.


a narrow raised platform on which the model shows the clothing.


to look for prospective models from other, smaller agencies, other locations.


manufacturer's showcase of a clothing line to buyers using live models ­ when the seasonal clothing designs are being shown.


to state your name on camera before your commercial audition.


photographer's idea of a comp, which he/she hopes to sell to the client.


model chosen to explain the features of a product/service.


Statistical information of a model, including measurements, size, height, etc


one whose work is not for a specific client or job, but whose photos get listed in a general catalogue by number for any client to select.


artwork that shows each scene of a commercial.


light unit used by a photographer.


celebrity declaration to the value of a product/service; improvisational endorsement of a product or service that the actor has officially tested, used and approved.


free or low cost photos used to build a beginning portfolio 3/4.


photo from head to mid thigh.


industry promotional display of products/services usually in a hotel or convention centre.


the slide forms of a photograph.


informal modeling of one specific designer line, usually in a store or small boutique.


additional fees for higher exposure, like a billboard or national use.


a location job that is dependent on fair weather, may be cancelled the day before or that morning.