Monday, February 4, 2008

Do you have what it takes to become a top model?

Whether you're a male model or a female model or you're considering whether you should be a model, there are a few factors that need to be considered. There are the physical requirements of modeling which go beyond mere measurements. The personality of top models is also incredibly important and becomes a major factor when you consider the time you will be spending with such professionals as photographers, hair stylists, make up artists, and art directors. Also, you need to be able to market yourself. You may have the look, the talent, and the personality but if nobody knows you exist you won't be getting top model jobs. Essentially, as a model you are a commodity. Having the right look and the talent is what makes a true super model. The physical requirements definitely mean that you must be tall, thin, and beautiful (for the most part) but you must also have an incredible work ethic and an ability to work in a high stress environment. Most top models at one time or another will find their jobs grueling so when modeling agencies are looking for new talent, they are also looking for new models who they feel will be able to undertake all the physical demands of modeling. There is a lot of traveling for successful models along with very busy schedules and sometimes long working hours. If you're asking yourself how to become a model some of the key ingredients include persistence and perseverance. Almost all reputable model agencies will also be looking for somebody with the right personality. You must be able to adapt to different environments, cultures, and individual personalities. Ultimately, the best super models are highly adept at quickly forming effective working relationships with a variety of professionals. You must be able to understand exactly what your photographer expects from you – how should you pose, what about your facial expressions, where should you look. To be successful in modeling you need to have many of the skills necessary for being successful in an office. At any given point you may be working with a hundred or more people trying to ensure a flawless runway show or bikini model shoot. If you are difficult to work with you'll probably cost companies both time and money. Having a poor reputation in the modeling industry will spread quickly and will ultimately prevent you from working. Finally, in order to be a successful model requires that you market yourself. You need to build not only a portfolio but a reputation in the industry. Your name is your brand and the top super models are successful because they are good at what they do but also because everybody knows their name. Never underestimate the power of recognition. In the beginning you will have to be crafty to come up with ways to get yourself on the map. Signing with a modeling agency is paramount but building and maintaining notoriety is one of the most important factors in your success.


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Anonymous said...

i want to model,but im only 5'6 but i am size o(america size lol).everyone tells me to be a model but i dunno where to start from.


y not go for it. approach agencies and see if they have special
considerations for petite models (american size lol), you never know where
it might take you too. after all from all we know Kate Moss might just be
your spec.