Sunday, April 6, 2008

MTRILL TERIA, Na Wah ooooooooooooooo

Guys you can't help but notice this guy, a new kid on the block. Did I say new, no not that new like that but the guy is set to release his album very soon. I'm talking about MTRILL TERIA. This guy is just the bomb in phcity @ the moment with hit songs "Bounce" and "Where You Dey Girl" banging the airways of popular radio stations in that area. The guy is currently produced by Grafton Entertainment formerly with de Indispensibles a musical duo based in ph city as well. Let me go into his nitty gritty and tell you guys all about Mtrill, enjoy!!!! If skill could personalize its name…one of its names would be M.Trill. Since the first air play of his debut single "Bounce", we knew we would never be safe from the mastery that M.Trill possesses. The song "Bounce" burned up the radio and charts in the south-south region of Nigeria , being number one on Cosmos Fm in Enugu for weeks on end and being the most played Naija song on Rhythm 93.7 Fm in Port Harcourt all in 2004. This earned him more than just the usual accolades that accompany that kind of success, and before long pirates couldn't keep their hands off the club friendly jam, and in that same year 2004, he signed a record deal with Xcel music (also based in Port Harcourt) that should have seen him unleash his expertise upon us some where along the line it fell through and the album was held back. A gold fish, they say has no hiding place so it didn't come as a surprise that as soon as word got round that "Trill" (as he is fondly called) was leaving xcel music. Offers were coming from all quarters in and out of the state and country. It didn't take up to a month from his leaving xcel music mid 2005 that his story landed on the table of Big T the CEO of Grafton Entertainment, who's label is run both in the U.k and Nigeria.They say ''Game recognise game'' and Mtrill signed a record deal with U.K and Nigerian based music label Grafton records. M.trill (M meaning mayjah, pronounced major) was born on the 18 th of May in Nigeria .The fifth of all his siblings, they decide to name him "Teria". He did his primary schooling at Air Force Primary School, Ikeja in Lagos . He also did his Secondary education at Federal Government College Warri, Delta state and later Federal Government College Odogbolu, Ogun state where he finished up. His tertiary education was done at the University of Port Harcourt , Rivers State where he studied Geology. He graduated in 2004 and immediately sought a career in music with record deals at his disposal. To him, talent is worth exploring and so he's bent on showing the world what he has to offer. Apart from, being the hottest rap artist in Port Harcourt . M.trill has got such good "school boy" looks that have the girls constantly on his case. Armed with a humble nature and a very strong Christian background, M.trill has an in-depth knowledge of hip-hop that he believes gives him the edge over most other Naija rappers. He has been likened to be a cross between rappers, Mase and Kanye west, this he abhors because he feels that it is wrong to compare him with other rappers, believing every man is his own king. Apart from the usual being on the charts, M.trill has also lent credence to a couple of well known Port Harcourt based artistes, being on "specimen A, De indispensables and Ebiere's albums that all have national recognition.