Thursday, December 6, 2007


Space Fashion Design Competition Launches with prizes valued at more than $10,000.00! Intended to increase public participation in space tourism by both students and professionals, the DestinySpace Fashion Design Competition will also promote awareness of personal space travel and space education opportunities through design contests. Based on lessons learned from the 2006 Japan space fashion show, we are pleased to announce the first space fashion design contest in the United States. This event is supported by the recently formed Space Fashion Organization and is being sponsored by Rocketplane Global. Officially launching at this years California Space Authorities Space Style 2007 event, this competition is an opportunity for the public to influence the clothing worn by future space travelers, and lay the ground work for enhanced technological developments in the design and manufacture of Space Couture. In the next five to ten years we expect to have routine space transport vehicles and even space hotels where clients will spend four to eight weeks in orbital bliss. The expectations are that there will be hundreds and perhaps even thousands of commercial passengers each year. These Passengers will desire special clothing designed to provide protection against the environment while providing warmth and relaxation aboard the new generation of space vehicles. In general, the criteria for the winning design will incorporate clothing which is light weight, maneuverable, strong, and pleasing to the eye. Judging criteria will include originality, practicality, technology, and workmanship. DestinySpace Enterprises, a Houston, Texas based company is also sponsoring a children’s design competition for space-themed artwork which will be featured on printed T-shirts. The top ten designs will be added to the DestinySpace online catalog. Proceeds from this event will be used to help support programs within the commercial space industry such as the Space Frontier Foundations’ Teachers in Space Program. Applicants must complete the entry form by 18 January 2008. For more details about the contest and how you can participate log onto