Monday, December 3, 2007

Miss Angola, Africa's Winner of Miss World

My adjudged Winner of the just concluded Miss World Beauty Pageant remains Micaela representing Angola; for some reasons best known to the star studded international judges she became the 1st runner-up of the competition. Born in Portugal and grew up in Lisbon and Angola, Micaela loves both countries and now lives in the rapidly-growing city of Luanda. She has just finished high school and hopes after her year as Miss Angola to study law at Harvard, qualify as a lawyer, and aspires to be a Judge.

As Miss Angola she is an “ambassador of hope” for people whose lives have been affected by HIV. She is a keen sportswoman and enjoys tennis and volleyball. Micaela’s favourite dishes include salad, pasta and sauces. Her hobbies include dancing, writing and surfing the Internet. Her motto is “Enjoy life, life is fast!”

Micaela, a very beautiful and confident young woman represented Africa well and did us all proud. I am proud of her and so should you.

What do you girls/guys think, your comments would be highly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Men, check out fine girl now.

Susan said...

this, Miss Angola is better than Miss China by far. I wonder who made that decision to give the coveted crown to Miss China. They must have been blind and biased as usual.
Miss Angola surely deserves to win.