Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Very often even good models could not succeed because they can't sell themselves to clients. When you go for audition (GO AND SEE) to fashion house or to any clients it will be very professional and smart to learn the style of this client's product and try to dress in that style.

YOU MUST HAVE 100 PERCENT CONFIDENCE, THAT YOU CAN PERFECTLY PERFORM FORTHCOMING WORK! AND YOU SHOULD TRANSFER YOUR CONFIDENCE TO THE CLIENT! Learn how to do that! Always remember: You sell a product! Show the high quality of this product!

Learn to wear any outfit. Otherwise it will be difficult to sell yourself. If you want to greatly increase your chances to be chosen by this company you have to help them to chose you.

Leave all your problems or private matters outside. Clients absolutely don't care about your problems. The only one thing they care: To sell the product! That is why they pay to models. Nothing must affect your ability to do your job the best possible way!

Always arrive at the time. Be nice!! The client, your agency, the photographers, the stylists and all people around always remembering. You need to be remembered for being a pleasure to work with.

Never say something bad about collection or product you are working for. With anybody, including other models, even if you think that person is a friend. If somebody asking your opinion, even if you think that collection or product is awful - your answer always must be: I like it! Otherwise the client can find out in a few minutes your negative comment and it definitely will cost you all future jobs with this client.

Never say something bad about your agent. He will know about your words very soon.

Be careful with other models. Do not forget that they are your competitors and can benefit from your mistakes.

Do not give up after rejections. You can be rejected more times than you can count. Remember, rejections are an integral part of the modeling business. Never let rejection divert you from finding your special place in the industry. In this business you never know when your career boost is going to happen.

One person you never suppose to cheat or lie is you! Never blame somebody except yourself in your problems. If you will blame everybody around in your problems, as many models do, you will continue to make the same mistakes again and again until your career will be absolutely ruined! Always try to analyze and ask yourself: Why I did not get this job? Or why this client does not want to work with me anymore? What did I wrong? And if you can find the right answers you will escape the same mistakes in a future. The same thing if everything is going fine. It will be a great benefit for your career if you will know exactly what makes it fine. Follow this rule and you'll make your career more successful!