Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Foxy Brown Finds God And Loses The Diva + 50 Cent Makes History In Kosovo

Foxy Brown Finds God And Loses The Diva.... Foxy Brown has found God and ditched her diva attitude, the star's lawyer claims. The rapper swapped jewellery for a smart suit during her appearance in a New York court on Monday (17Dec07) - and the Candy hitmaker insisted her spell in jail has humbled her. Foxy - real name Ingrid Marchand - is currently serving a year behind bars for probation violation. A family friend recently claimed she was remorseless and acting the diva in jail - but Foxy showed a different side to her at a Brooklyn courthouse. And her attorney, State Senator John Sampson, claims the rapper has found solace in religion. He told the New York Post after Monday's hearing, "(Foxy) told me, 'Sometimes God has to humble you in order for you to realise who you actually are. "When you get away from the glitz and glamour, you can find inner peace within yourself.". I think so too. 50 Cent has become the biggest star to perform in Kosovo, after playing a sold-out gig in the Eastern European state on Monday night (17Dec07). The rapper made history with his concert in a Pristina soccer stadium, where 25,000 people turned out to see him. Speaking before the show, the tough rap star addressed threats of violence aimed at him as he travels through Eastern Europe, stating he would never consider cancelling a show. He said, "I haven't missed a show date in my career. "I've been to Iraq. I performed for the soldiers. I've been to Israel. I've been to Beirut. They actually bombed the week after I left." And the In Da Club star believes his own troubled background is what attracts fans in Kosovo: "I know exactly what happens when the guns come out. Maybe that's why they (identify) with me." Kosovo has been run by the United Nations since the end of the Eastern European war in 1999. The threat of increased violence is a result of the country's impending declaration of independence from Serbia.