Thursday, November 29, 2007

Basic Requirements for Modeling

HEIGHT Women: minimum 5'6" Men: minimum 5'11" AGE Many people will say that 28 is the high limit for models. However, that is not a hard fast rule. People with good physique and fit other criteria can be very popular in certain markets. Ideally a young woman starting should be 12 to 22 years old and men must be 18 to 25. WEIGHT A model should be slim and well proportioned. Depending on the trend or the market, a magazine may opt for a slender silhouette or a more curvaceous look. A slim-waisted woman with long legs will always be more photogenic than one who is the same height but has a longer torso and heavy legs. Male models should be athletic and muscular, but shouldn't have the exaggerated look of body builders. Proportion is always a key factor.

GENERAL COMMENTS It is impossible to specify individual facial features, since a model's character, beauty and above all photogenic qualities are the sum of them all. Healthy skin, well-cared-for teeth and natural, well-cut hair are generally sought after. PHOTOGENIC QUALITIES Many pretty girls do not meet the ultimate photogenic requirement - the right face. Photogenic is not a matter of sheer beauty. Slightly above average looks can often be quite photogenic. This criterion is the most subjective and the hardest to evaluate. Only a modeling professional can give you an accurate appraisal of your photogenic potential. Physical appearance isn't everything. You also need a certain temperament to be a model. You should be aware that it's an exciting but highly demanding line of work. POISE A model meets many people in many situations - auditions, photo shoots, fashion shows, go-sees - and in different countries. It's important to be at ease, to be able to communicate easily and to radiate self-confidence. An outgoing person with an appealing smile will always receive more work than someone who is shy and withdrawn. CAN YOU TRAVEL ALONE AND ARE YOU PROFESSIONAL Traveling. on business is a far cry from a vacation. Adult models often travel alone. This is one of modeling's most difficult requirements. It takes a great deal of character and independence. Unfortunately many of the biggest modeling assignments will involve travel. Successful models become adept at living out of a suitcase. You must be comfortable being by yourself for long periods of time. SELF-RELIANCE Models have to be organized to ensure they arrive punctually in places they may barely know. Small crises and problems must be overcome without interrupting the job. ORGANIZED You are a professional model It is a job and you need to conduct yourself appropriately. DISCIPLINE You have to be organized, available and presentable at all times.You need to get lots of sleep, eat properly, and avoiding smoking and long parties. Your body is your product. Take care of it.

Only the best organized and most disciplined will set themselves apart and perhaps become top models. INTELLIGENCE You should be an intelligent business person or have a good manager. You must know how to conduct business with agents, photographers and clients. CONFIDENCE Clients are looking for someone who is self-assured and whom they think can sell their product. A model must be able to sell themselves before they can sell a product. You will need to get past rejection. No model could meet the expectations of every possible client.

  • STAMINA A model is sometimes on their feet all day in the adverse weather and around pushy ad people. An advertising shoot is expensive so breaks are not always regular. You must be healthy and in shape to be able to work all day and still look good. A healthy lifestyle will pay off. Your Portfolio Your portfolio and your resume are your advertising. Since the market is the deciding factor, you must place your product, i.e., your portfolio photos, in the market. A model's portfolio is their main selling tool. Presentation, quality and variety of shots are all very important factors to be considered. Agencies and photographers will address this area differently based upon their needs and the market segment they serve. Your portfolio should be your best work. Get a professional or a well skilled photographer to work with you. You can trade for prints. Many people on send is terrible images and hope to get work. Be a pro. Your portfolio is your responsibility. If you work with a specific agency they should have a copy to show potential clients. Use the internet. Sites like are excellent places to be listed. If possible, also try to include photos where you are interacting with other people. This shows prospective clients that you can work with others and your skill to interact. A good model portfolio should include:
  • At least one full-length shot showing the proportion of your body (feet to knees, knees to thighs, thighs to waist, waist to shoulders, shoulders to the top of your head). You could wear a leotard or a body suit, depending on what makes you comfortable and flatters your figure.
  • At least two head shots with different expressions. At least two fashion shots (one casual and one a little more formal). If you move well, you might like to include an action shot.

Every portfolio needs a mix of looks and types of assignments. You will also need at least one great body shot. If you are looking to assemble a portfolio for yourself on a budget, try gathering a team of new talent. Each of you can then use the photographs in your respective portfolios. Models usually start by doing the rounds of ad agencies if their portfolio pictures are not flattering enough. If you think that your portfolio does you justice, simply post them to the agency coordinator, though you run the risk of the envelope bearing your pictures being put into the dustbin.