Thursday, November 29, 2007

Finding Work as a Photography Model

Create an Impressive Model Portfolio. You may be the hottest model in town. But you still need to have professional photographs Nothing will turn off prospective employers faster than posting amateur photos in your portfolio. Photos should be well lit and show detail about your look. If your goal is nude photography, you will need to keep the images artistic. As a general rule, photos that leave something to the imagination are the most effective and compelling. You should always include at least three to five photos in your portfolio showing different looks. It is well worth paying a photographer to create a professional portfolio of pictures. To choose the right photographer, get references and look at his/her previous work. Are the pictures good enough to be found in a magazine. On a budget, try doing a modeling for prints deal with an upstart photographer. Have ideas of what you want and get everything in writing before the shoot. Including releases. Giving the photographer samples makes it easier for both of you. The better the photos in your portfolio, the more offers you are likely to receive.

Create a Special Look. Make-up, posing, lighting and fashionable clothing can go a long way in helping you create a special “look” for yourself. You can learn various make-up techniques, such as the proper use of concealers to cover up bags or unwanted blemishes, by perusing women’s magazines or by hiring a professional make-up artist to help you look your best for your portfolio. Also, don’t show up for an interview or your portfolio shoot in clothes that are too casual or that represent a style that is outdated. Keep tabs on current styles and capitalize on your strengths. If possible, hire a stylist who is familiar with your needs.

Consider All Modeling Jobs. Modeling is a diverse field. Other jobs that put you in front of the camera or people will help build your confidence and give you more references. It can be as simple as handing out promotional materials at a convention or tradeshow.

Runway Tips. There is an art to posing gracefully on the catwalk. Stand up straight and always look out towards the audience—don’t look down. Keep your hands in a natural position. It helps to practice your runway walk in front of a mirror to develop your own carefree style. Watch runway models in action and practice, practice, practice.

Practice Etiquette and Be Professional. When you’re offered a modeling job, pay close attention to the instructions you are given. Write them down and repeat them if you have any doubts. Always be pleasant and courteous to every staff member—photographers, make-up artists, etc. These people do talk to each other and people outside the particular agency. Always be a little early to your photo shoots. DO NOT PARTY UNTIL THE JOB IS DONE. Send a nice thank you card to the company after the shoot.