Thursday, November 29, 2007

Basic Types of Modeling

Fashion Modeling

Fashion modeling seems to be a growing part of the industry. It encompasses everything from fashion shoots for ads, websites, and mail-order catalogues in advanced countries to live shows for design houses to promotions of all kinds of apparel. The term 'fashion', in this context, refers to clothing and accessories. Ideally, you must be a sample size - women need to be (at least) 5.6 feet tall, weigh approx. 110 to 120 lbs and possess vital statistics of 34-24-35 in. Men should be about (at least) 5'9" tall, weigh approximately 170 Ibs"., with vital statistics of 39-32-37 in.. Clear healthy skin, good teeth, great expressions, clear eyes and healthy hair are common traits. Your personality should be extroverted and unafraid of performing. Modeling clothing and accessories involves learning to walk, move, and showing off the clothing to make it appealing. Viewers will look at a model and often imagine themselves in that outfit. Clothing is designed to appeal to specific lifestyles looks. The entire effect must enhance the image of the clothes and be consistent throughout. Keep in mind that your "look" may help or hurt you when it comes to specific jobs. Do not take it personally - perhaps you will have the right image for the opportunity! Be sure you have read the article on this site as well to make sure you presented yourself professionally.

Editorial Print Modeling

This refers to photography for magazines, including covers. This work is very eagerly sought after by models because of the exposure and the chance for repeat work. To achieve this goal you can expect to work long and hard. The smaller jobs are but you will get tear sheets for your portfolio that will help you get work. Commercial Print Modeling

This refers to when models are photographed to promote a product on billboards, buses, magazines and newspapers. This type of modeling can be divided into two sections: Fashion Advertising and Product Advertising. Runway (Ramp) Modeling

This is one of the best ways to gain exposure. However, this type of work can be very regional. It is considered the most glamorous type of modeling and requires a lot of confidence and grace. You must make the audience think that you love the outfit you are wearing. You should look comfortable and at home in even the dullest outfit. There is a minimum height requirement of 5'6" for runway work. Glamour Agency Typical Work

Models that are willing to do topless and/or nude work may have many opportunities, but not always quality ones. Pick any job in this area with care and read all the fine print on print usage. While Europeans are very comfortable with the human form Americans are "officially" pretty up tight. If you are a serious model pick any work in this area with great care so that you do not taint yourself. While in Africa especially Nigeria where our culture might not necessarily accommodate it because it sends out the wrong signals.