Friday, November 30, 2007

More Advanced Modeling Types


High Fashion Modeling is the modeling for famous fashion houses and designer, either at fashion shows or in publications. The pay rate is the highest among all modeling jobs. Of course, the advertisers' expectations also run high. To get this kind of job you must be experienced and known model with a proven track record for this type of modeling.

RUNWAY MODELING Runway Models works in Fashion Shows, where clothes designers present their upcoming designs or Fashion Shows, run by a store, mall, club etc. All runway models must meet special requirements and have measurements that fit an actual standard clothing size. Almost all modeling agencies works with Runway Models.

EDITORIAL MODELING Editorial Modeling is similar to High Fashion Modeling, except that the model works for a particular publication. The readers of that publication make up a target audience for the photographs taken. Images in the non-advertisement sections of the fashion magazines are good examples of this type of modeling. Even the pay rate is considerably low, Editorial modeling is a great way to open the door to High Fashion Modeling.

GLAMOUR MODELING There are no established physical requirements for Glamour Models, other than the model must be beautiful and sexy in the photographs. An elegant lady in an evening dress, the eye-catching face of a beautiful girl, a shapely woman in casual dress, swim-wear, or lingerie can all become subjects for glamour photography. Most of the nude photography also falls into this category. Pay rates can be very good for Glamour Modeling. Usually, the pay rate doubles for posing in lingerie or in the nude. Some Figure and Art Modeling, typically artistic nude photography, is also included in the Glamour Modeling category.

CATALOGUE MODELING While some Catalogue Modeling involves posing with products, most is done wearing store-brand clothes. Pay rates are considerably lower than for High Fashion Modeling. Look through some mail-order catalogs to get an idea of what is involved. Several years ago it was absolutely impossible to see the Top Models in any catalogue. But everything is changing. Even famous models are modeling for catalogues now.

SPECIALTY MODELING There are numerous other Specialty Modeling opportunities. Models (male and female) with beautiful hands have opportunities to display their hands demonstrating different products. For men, it could be masculine hand, or alternatively the more elegant, long-fingered hand. Women with well-proportioned feet are needed for shoe advertisements. Advertisements of stockings, pantyhose, and razors require women with nicely shaped legs. Hair products call for female and male models with good hair. Portfolio must include a few photographs that emphasize areas of your body you might use for Specialty Modeling.

CHARACTER MODELING Some jobs require models with an everyday look, such as a truck driver, mechanic, grocery clerk, schoolteacher, cleaning person, appliance repair person, and so on. All models in television commercials are character models.

CONVENTION AND TRADE SHOW MODELING These shows use many female models to demonstrate products, hand out leaflets or brochures, and answer questions.

COMMERCIAL PRINT MODELING When models are photographed to promote a product. Photographs can appear on buses, magazines, newspapers and billboards.

MODELING IN TV COMMERCIALS TV Commercials offer a growing area of opportunities to models with some acting background. Many modeling agencies now include a TV Commercial Department.

OTHER OPPORTUNITIES FOR MODELS There are opportunities for the oversized or undersized model. The demand for ordinary-looking models with whom a majority of the audience can identify continues to increase. The market for full-figure models is growing and includes editorial, commercials, television and more. Many other opportunities exist that might fall into one of the modeling categories mentioned above.


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