Thursday, November 29, 2007

How to Become a Model

How are models discovered?

Everyday some notices eyes, bone structure, the planes of a face, or a great look. The words "You should be a model" are heard and a path may start. With stars in their eyes they start a path which will have all the feel of a roller coaster. What next?

Here are my recommendations. These are based upon my readings, and what I believe it takes to succeed in this field. Read them. Think about them. Combine these thoughts with other articles on this and other sites and then plan your modeling career. You will find authors with different viewpoints and definitions. This does not mean that one person is wrong or mis-leading you? Not necessarily. We all have different experiences and thus we developed different perceptions. It is my hope that when you have completed your studies you will find a consensus and have a plan which works for you. You are an individual who lives in your particular part of the world and with your limitations. There is no one formula.

Overnight success stories are rarely true. Someone may seem to rocket to the top overnight but you can be rest assured that it was not an accident. Every career has its own demands and unique sacrifices. Most aspiring models don't realize there is a lot of work involved and they get frustrated when things don't move quickly. If you are informed and you have a plan you will be better prepared for the roller coaster. You need to be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for what this career will take. It is critical to understand the industry as a whole and in your part of the world to succeed in this career.